District Finals!!

Posted 23 Mar, 2014 08:46 AM by Ron

hey everyone!

Our regular season wraps up this weekend.  Here are a few details to get you there as well as a couple of other bits of info!

First--please register online no later than TUESDAY afternoon.  I need to get the number of teams squared away so we can make a schedule, a tournament bracket, and all that other good stuff.  I NEED OFFFICIALS!! If we get enough, we can do 2 team the whole time!! 

Finals are at college church university campus.  On-site check in and final registration will begin at 6:30.  Our hope is to begin quizzing by 7:15 and to be done before 10.   Saturday we will finish the round robin, and then have a tournament.  Our goal is that the regular quizzing with awards will be done by 4.  Then we will have our Top 16 quiz off to determine who will represent us at celebrate life in may.   Quizzers must be in 7th grade to compete in Top 16, as celebrate life does not allow 6th grade participants.  We will once again be providing a light dinner for each quizzer and their coach in Top 16--We will have. a few additional dinner tickets available for quizzers who stay to watch.  IF YOU can let me know in advance that would be great--otherwise tickets will be on sale through lunch on saturday.

Quizzers and adults planning to attend Q2014 need to turn in their registration forms and deposit this weekend.  This is so we know how many teams to register for as a district.  We are asking that all quizzers going be on a district team (either novice or experienced).  i know a few students were considering going to watch, but we wont have the adult supervision to know what they are up to if they arent on any teams.  

Next year we will be quizzing over Acts.  We would really love to see more teams get involved , and would be happy to help you partner with churches in your area to get more students involved!  We didnt do a kick off event this year in August, but would be happy to so something (with a little help) if thats of interest.
grace and peace! 
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