Here is a review of how things work within the Chicago Central quiz program.  If you have any questions, please contact us directly. 


All preliminary rounds are scored by modified olympic points.  Since in most cases, not everyone quizzes everyone else in the preliminary rounds, we feel this is the most fair way to determine preliminary team placement.  Modified olympic points are figured as follows in a three team quiz:

  • 10 points -first place, plus one point for every ten points over 100.
  • 5 points -second place, plus one point for every ten points over 60.
  • 1 point -third place, plus one point for every ten points over 30. 

Tournament rounds are scored differently, as this is typically a round robin tournament.  Placement in the tournament is determined in the following order:

  • Win-loss record
  • Head-to-head competition
  • If there is a 3-way tie in win-loss, and no way to determine winner based on head-to head, determination is then made by total points. 
    • Example:  Team A, B and C are all tied with a 7-1 record. 
      • Team A beat Team B
      • Team B beat Team C
      • Team C beat Team A
    • In this example, there is no way to determine the winner so total points are used.


Any student who is a part of their local NYI (age 12 or older in accordance with NYI charter) is eligible to participate in Bible quizzing.  We allow 6th graders who are a part of their local NYI to compete at the local and district level if they so choose.  6th grade students are not allowed to compete at the Regional level due to age restrictions and guidelines set forth by the Central Field NYI council. 

Due to a change at the Field level, Each district will now be allowed to take 2 all-star teams to celebrate life.  As a result of this change, at the district level, 6th graders are not eligible to compete on district all-star teams as they are not eligible to qualify for Celebrate Life quizzing (this is also true of recent graduates participating in one year of quizzing).  This applies primarily to the St. Louis all star tournament, as this tournament consists of higher level quizzers who may qualify at the end of the year for a district all-star team at= Celebrate life.  Quizzers who are too young, may choose to go as alternates, and may have an opportunity to quiz, but it is not guaranteed. This decision was made with the approval of the district NYI council. 

Top 16 and determining teams for Regional Celebrate Life

Top 16 method is used to determine who will go on to represent the district at Regional Celebrate Life.  The top 16 quizzers, as determined by the guidelines below will quiz off in a 6 round tournament with the top ten quizzers going on to represent the district at Regionals.  If you want more clarification on how Top 16 is set up, please refer to the NYI Bible quizzing rule book.

Top 16 is determined by the following guidelines:

  • individual scores in 4 of 5 district quizzes September-February (lowest score is dropped, and December does not count toward individual point totals)
  • attendance and participation at District Finals (counts as 2 scores, and cannot be dropped).
  • must meet the requirements for Celebrate Life quizzing (cannot be in 6th grade)

Traveling Trophy

September, October, November, January, February, and District finals all count toward total trophy points. (6 quizzes total).  If there is a tie at the end of finals, district finals is used to break the tie as it is over all the material and carries more weight than the other quizzes. 

At Each of these quizzes, points will be awarded based on final placement, and a running total kept througout the year. At the end of the year, the team with the most points will be awarded the traveling trophy. 

  • 1st Place: 3 points 
  • 2nd Place: 2 points 
  • 3rd Place: 1 point

If a local church has more than one team represented in the finals, they will be awarded the higher of the point values (they will not receive 2 points for 2nd place and 1 point for 3rd place, they would only receive 2 total points). 

December does not count in trophy points at this time. 

Ticket Criteria

Throughout the season, quizzers will have several opportunities to earn tickets during Prelim rounds (see below). At each quiz, during the presentation of awards, tickets will be randomly drawn from all the tickets entered that day. The ticket can be exchanged for for a prize (see list of prizes), or returned so as to be entered into the larger drawing. All undrawn tickets from the day will also be entered into the large drawing. There will be 2 large drawings- one at the December quiz and one at Finals, for special prizes (see list of large drawing prizes). Ticket counts will be reset after the December Quiz. 

Quizzer must be present to win.

Ticket Criteria

1. Attendance

2. 'Hitting for the cycle'

-A card will be distrubuted during registration that can be marked by the QM when a quizzer gets a correct toss up in one or more of the following categories: General, According to, Memory, Specialty.

-When the card is full, it can be handed in excahnge for a ticket.

-It is the quizzer's responsibility to maintain the card, and all marks will be made only after the round is completed.

3. Quizmaster/Coach commendations

-Quizmasters and Coaches can make notes throughout the day about remarkable sportsmanship, character, or other Christ-like qualities that should be recognized. At the end of Prelims, these commendations will be reviewed, and tickets will be awarded at the discretion of the district director(s).

4. Random Question

-At the beginning of the round, the QM will roll a d20 to determine the question number. This is to remain secret until after that question is complete. 

-A ticket will be awarded to the quizzer that answers the question correctly on a toss-up OR a bonus.

5. Random placement

-During the presentation of awards, 2d10 will be rolled, and the quizzer(s) with that subsequent placement from prelims will recieve a ticket.

6. Other criteria tbd throghout the season

-Other criteria may be chosen at the district director's discretion throught the season for a specific quiz, such as team theme, outfits, crazy socks, etc.

-Any special criteria will be announced at the prior quiz.


Monthly Prizes

  1. ONU t-shirt
  2. ONU t-shirt
  3. Free team registration at next quiz
  4. Free team registration at next quiz
  5. Other prizes at Director's discetion  
Large Drawing Prizes
  1. December- $50 towards a District NYI event of your choice
  2. Finals- 1) $50 towards a District NYI event of your choice 2) a suprise prize!



There's no way we can ever say Thank you enough for all the hard work our coaches and officials put in month after month to make Bible quizzing happen.  We would love to thank anyone who has impacted your life in Bible Quizzing.  So many times, we overlook the hard work of the adults and college students that help with this ministry.  Is there that one official that always has kind words after a tough round?  Or a coach that goes out of their way to make sure you feel valued?  We want to hear about it.  We can't be everywhere all the time, and one thing that connects us as a community is our stories.