November Quiz at Joliet 1st!

Posted 08 Nov, 2015 04:48 PM by Ron

Hey everyone!! 

The quiz is Saturday!  Team registration is open.  We would like everyone to arrive between 8:30-8:45 so we can update rosters and get started right away!  We did not assign anything extra for tickets this month, but we will do ugly sweaters in December!!  We need lots of officials if we are going to continue to do 2 team quizzing and we need to know if you are bringing equipment.   Please sign up on the website if you know you are coming! This quiz will determine the Top 10 who will represent us at the all-star quiz in St. Louis.  I believe that the cost will be similar to last year--around $60.  We do ask that all quizzers ride down/room with the group.  There will be details given to those who make the teams.  To qualify, you must be in 7th grade.  If you make the top 10 and are in 6th grade, you will have the opportunity to go as an alternate-and may be given an opportunity to quiz one or two rounds.  Also, if you are a coach or parent of a student who makes the team and you would like to go and/or coach, please let us know.  We wil be looking for at least one coach.  Housing is first come/first serve, so if you want to go, we will take adults until the rooms are full, after that you will be on your own.  See you Saturday in Joliet!

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