Way to go!!

Posted 10 Oct, 2009 10:43 PM by Ron

Another great day celebrating our freedom in Christ!  Terrific job everyone!!  Stats and pictures and other fun things to come soon.

Also, I know some of you didn't get an opportunity to register for Quizfest.  The next Central Region Tournament is in Kalamazoo Michigan.  It's only $30 per team, and a really good time.  There is a link for more info on the links page!

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October Quiz

Posted 01 Oct, 2009 08:58 PM by Ron

It's time! It's time! October registration is open!  Get excited!  Review your stuff! Learn new stuff! 

Lunch will be provided at the church, for around $ 4.  plan to eat at the church and support them.  Anything they raise at lunch helps support them as they attend quizzes throughout the year, as they don't have any budget for quizzing!

Don't forget to start planning now for Q2010!  We're taking registrations!

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Posted 12 Sep, 2009 10:52 PM by Ron

Hey everybody!

Thanks so much for such an awesome day today.  The first quiz was a success, and I really, honestly, truly am glad to know each of you, and am exciting to see so many of you jumping in to God's word.  Keep up the hard work, have fun, and Glorify God.  Remember, continue to honor each other, and respect the game.  It is after all, the Word of God we are incorporating into our lives. 

Pictures are up in the gallery. Stats are up too!!

Grace and Peace.

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Less than a week!

Posted 07 Sep, 2009 01:17 AM by Ron

I'm excited to see all of you very soon!  The quiz season officially starts this weekend at Lighthouse community in Lansing.  I'm looking forward to some great quizzing, and some great 4-square.  Lighthouse will be providing lunch for $ 4.  They will have hotdogs, tacos, chips, good stuff.  They will also be selling concession throughout the day--nachos, candy and whatnot.  They may even have some breakfast stuff available!  It's gonna be a great season, and I am encouraged as we start the Journey through Corinthians together!

Don't forget to get registered early, and to have team members sign up as users to get into those forums.  That way we can stay connected more than just once a month. 

Grace and Peace.

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